Sid & Liz McNairy

Art of Peaceful Living @ Architect of Art of Peaceful Living

Sid and Liz McNairy are a powerhouse couple that have been impacting lives all over the world. Being around them you will feel the peace and love like a warm hug.

Sid is the architect of the Art of Peaceful Living. On his third vision quest, Sid received his Native American name “He Who Brings Peace” and took on the mission to bring peace to the world. Many have found that when in Sid’s presence they are able to experience peace like no other. Sid is an international best-selling author and enjoys walking with you to experience life to the fullest.

Liz is a school counselor and certified yoga teacher. It is in her time with kids Liz enjoys life and spreading love felt by all. Liz is stepping into a new realm as she is set to write with Sid their first book together. “The Search for the Perfect Wave,” is due to release in February 2022. Their vast experiences will help you elevate your life around yoga, relationships, and more. Get ready to be inspired to live your best life ever.

Between Sid and Liz are over 75,000 training teachers and inspiring others. You will be moved as you “Awaken Your Spirit,” like never before.

Liz and Sid are often asked what is their secret to the love they share. Their answer is simple. “We did the work on ourselves, so when it came to finding our other half our reflection fits.”