Shmiko Cole

@ CEO Get LiT Worldwide | Media and Publication | Consulting | Coaching Programs

Shmiko Cole has 30+ years of experience helping individuals transform into powerful leaders, Shmiko Cole is the CEO of Get Lit Worldwide, co-founder of Ignite Your Essence TV Show, and world-renowned Thought Leader.

She is also a financial educator/advocate, business solutions systems expert, and an empowerment coach and partner to many well-established companies. She has helped to build businesses ranging in profits from $650K to the $4-$8 billionaire range in the areas of P&L, Strategic Planning, Thought Leadership, Operations Management, Financial Education/Literacy, and effective Systems Development.

She is an award-winning acclaimed mentor of the world’s next generation of successful and positively impactful leaders. Known for elevating capable, purposeful leaders poised to build teams who collaboratively solve business obstacles, she creates opportunities for exponential industry growth.

A well-known speaker nationwide, Shmiko delivers with passion and emboldens emerging leaders to develop their craft to become successful entrepreneurs. She explains why business systems are essential for lead generation and business growth.

The type of results received with Shmiko and her teams can be seen in her vast business networks; and the level of growth for all of her clients, partners, and proteges. Alongside this impressive workload, Shmiko always finds time to educate the underserved youth and adult communities in areas of financial literacy, legacy building, and actionable methods for mindset. She has been known to instill the values she lives by with anyone she coaches/mentors, and her commitment fosters the development of positive rising leaders.

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” – Buckminster Fuller