Nate Zeleznick

Vibravision® @ Vibravision® Co-Founder & President

Vibravision® is one of the five (5) specialties of the 500+-year-old practice of Merpati Putih (MP), which means “white dove” in Indonesia.  It is an energetic martial arts practice that teaches a comprehensive system of combat, movement, physical and energetic fitness, inner power building, energy healing, vibration detection, and incredible intuitive sensing. It was developed in the mid-1500s by the Javanese Royal Family of the Mataram Kingdom as a secret system and was initially only taught by the King to his heirs for over 400 years.

Over several centuries, the MP techniques and practices were refined and many of the MP masters who devoted their lives to learning and practicing this art developed extraordinary skills that defied physics and enabled them to do incredible things like phenomenal feats of strength, breaking objects thought to be unbreakable (steel, iron, stone, concrete)  using various parts of their bodies (without injury), the ability to see and fight in the dark, extrasensory perception, remote viewing and hearing, the ability to create energetic fields that could protect them against the environment, moving objects with energy without directly touching them, breaking objects remotely, and much more.

In 2016 year, Nate and Mike Zeleznick, founded the Vibravision® Foundation ( to use Vibravision® to help people with limited—and in many cases no—a sight to vibrationally “see” the world around them again, with amazing results.  A portion of the proceeds of all events and training is directed to this foundation. The foundation also funds scientific research into the mechanisms and impacts of Vibravision® and how these skills can be used to help the blind, modify brain states, improve health, and create other enhanced effects.