Marianna Alfa

@ Leadership & Executive Coach | Hospitality Operations Specialist | Book Author

Marianna has more than twenty years of experience in the hospitality sector. She is a CPD-accredited executive coach, book author, and founder of Blossom Hospitality. 
Marianna shows businesses how to set up and develop robust foundations that nurture high-performing cultures. She works with leadership unlocking and maximizing their potential and those seeking the skills to lead with confidence and get the best out of themselves and their teams. Her mission is to eliminate signs and practices of toxic cultures led by control, command, and ego and introduce and adapt a nurturing and compassionate, empowerment-driven approach where leaders collaborate and create an exciting and healthy adventure for their people, worthy of them devoting their lives to. Marianna facilitates flourishment. What will you do to become a leader and a company of choice?

Marianna’s style is approachable and flexible, designed to enrich lives with the goal of helping individuals flourish and find fulfillment. She has helped numerous clients gain clarity in their life and career path, reinvent themselves, bravely embrace change, prepare for growth and manage it wisely when it happens. Marianna has a natural ability to boost and to connect positively with people and to relate to the complex challenges many of us are facing today.