Lori Marini

@ Master Life and Wellness Coach | PA Tumor Expert | Breast Cancer Warrior 

Lori Marini is a Master Life and Wellness Coach who specializes in empowering women during their healing journey after a life crisis. Many lose their purpose and their fear of moving forward leaves them paralyzed. Coach Lori guides them in fulfilling their vision of their best life. Lori Marini defines what it means to live courageously. She will share tools on how she moved beyond the fear and uncertainty of a life crisis and how to create and live a life without limits. She is a  Master Life and Wellness Coach, PA tumor expert, and Breast Cancer Warrior. 

As a Breast Cancer Warrior herself, Lori understands firsthand what it takes to go beyond fear and find the courage to live the life you love on your terms.

Through speaking engagements, one-on-one, and group coaching sessions, Lori supports clients on topics such as life mastery, mindfulness, vision and goal fulfillment, and work-life balance.

Lori has a Master’s in Health Science degree as a Pathologist Assistant and has worked in the academic hospital system as a tumor export for 20 years. She is an ICF ACC and BCC accredited certified coach. She is also the Founder of Lori Marini Coaching, the host of  Conversations with Courageous Cancer Warriors podcast, and the creator of the Joy Program and Conversation with Courageous Cancer Warrior podcast.