Loretta Wetzel

@ Prominent Family Entrepreneur | Expert | Business Owner | Transformational Leader

Loretta Wetzel is a prominent family entrepreneur expert, business owner, and transformational leader. Loretta founded The Wetzel Group, Inc. over 10 years ago and netted $80,000 in her first real estate investment deal. Since then, she has completed multiple profitable deals using real estate education.

Utilizing 40+ years of combined work experience, Loretta has successfully faced problems parents encounter today including time management, good health habits, and work/life balance. She also achieved her MBA degree while working full-time and raising her family of three children.

Loretta is passionate about helping families to unlock their freedom by creating personal and business success through entrepreneurship. Her mission is to impact 500,000 families by exposing them to business ownership. This will allow families to have transformational wealth and build a legacy.

Some of Mama Soul Wisdom’s greatest achievements includes traveling to five out of seven continents with her spouse Perran for over 40 years. Loretta is also the founder of the #iamlovemovement podcast and enjoys her family which includes being an equal opportunity pet lover!