Jennifer Hough

#1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and CEO of The Wide Awakening @ #1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and CEO of The Wide Awakening

Jennifer Hough is a #1 International Bestselling Author in 8 countries of the book UNSTUCK: The Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way, a speaker, and CEO of The Wide Awakening. She has the gift of holographic vision to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. This allows her to see what is in your way so you can fully love your life and get unstuck. Her work has been featured in documentaries, TV, radio, best-selling books, and on stages around the world.

Jennifer has decades of experience educating doctors (MDs, NDs, and DCs), teachers, CEOs, and Associations (Nurses, NDs, HR, Native American) in the physics of flow through her program, Get Out of Your Own Way™. She created and teaches the programs “Innate Abilities”, “Thriving Operating System”, and “Flight School”.

Her mission is to activate the deeper truth about who we are and why we’re here so that Heaven on Earth can be experienced in this lifetime. She developed the private Agents of Awakening global community, a sacred gathering space for The Heaven on Earth Construction Crew where members connect with soul-family and can get access to her teaching at special member-only prices. Jennifer takes great joy in guiding her clients on experiential journeys into the use of everyday physics to shift their ability to flourish in business, body, and abundance.

Previously, Jennifer worked in Fortune 500 companies (Royal Bank, Procter & Gamble, KFC), Schools of Medicine (MD, ND, Chiropractic), National Associations (Nursing, Speakers, Incontinence, HR), and has spoken on stages in India, Thailand, Australia, Slovakia, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Peru, Costa Rica, Bali, Canada, and the USA.

Jennifer was a corporate economist for a multinational company until she got physically sick (migraines, depression, and fibromyalgia) from toxic exposure, and watched her life fall into effort and struggle. She then traveled the world and worked with world-renowned scientists, doctors, mystics, and spiritual leaders, who corroborated the tie between our vitality, our abundance, our ability to flow and the laws of physics, and health and made an astounding full recovery.

She asked herself at the time: “Why wasn’t I taught this stuff in School?”

The sacred teachings she learned through experiential encounters helped bridge the gap between science and spirituality in a practical way. This was way more valuable than anything she found in textbooks.

Her relentless journey to fully heal showed her that understanding the relationship and application of the laws of physics to life not only affected her health, but also her finances, business, energy, and communication. She became passionate about developing leading-edge systems to assist her clients to achieve quantum leap results in all areas of life.

Jennifer ran the largest Nutrition Practice in Canada for 10 years. She is a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council and  member of the Wisdom Council for the EBC.