Jen Du Plessis

CEO and Founder of Kinetic Spark Consulting, LLC @ America’s Lifestyle Business Master

Jen Du Plessis – America’s Lifestyle Business Master

She is known as America’s Lifestyle Business Master, and her passion is to empower sales professionals and small business owners, through her masterminds, to multiply their results in record time, while having the courage to say yes to their personal lives.

He is the CEO and Founder of Kinetic Spark Consulting, LLC, and Cracking the Top Producer Code Coaching. She is from Northern Virginia and attended Colorado State University where she studied Architectural Design and Construction Engineering.

She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 38 years, has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. She has been in the financial services industry for 4 decades and was listed in the Top 200 of nationally ranked mortgage originators and funded over. $1 Billion in mortgage loans.

She is a multiple #1 best-selling author, host of two (2) top podcasts, and TV Show, Host.

An expert in Priority and Time Management, Business Relationships, Business Scaling, Sales Management, and Certified Mastermind Facilitator.

She is a charismatic speaker, sharing stages with such icons as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, James Dentley, Darren Hardy, Jeff Hoffman, Bill Walsh (and Barbara Corcoran for real estate).

Our next speaker provides consulting through her high-level Mastermind and Retreats, to small business owners who are serious about growing to their next level alongside a community of strong like-minded individuals. Jen believes that entrepreneurs can Live their Legacy while Building it!

Everyone please stand on your feet and give a warm welcome to our next speaker Jen Du Plessis (Duuuu-Plesssisss)!