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Francess writes poetry and non-fiction on health, healing, scripture, prophecy, stress, hurt, pain and wellbeing. Francess, a former therapist,  explores the boundaries of Love and fear in search of the resolve of abuses causing stress, trauma, grief, sickness, and pain.

From Genesis to Revelation and from the Stars to the Starfish. Her work addresses all in between to inspire Love, trust, security, and safety for justice and Peace for the fullness of the fruits of the Holy Spirit for creating Heaven on Earth. The One place of Love made whole and One in our body which is The Temple for Love to dwell.

When seriously broken and unwell, a vision of Light appeared to Francess which brought healing and confidence to publish her work on the conscious healing process of the gemstones cited in Revelation 21. Thanks be to God, through The Whole Spirit of Love Anointed, namely Jesus Christ, our Messiah who is returning for healing our sick and troubled world. Time for Heaven on Earth as promised The Promised Land to come…Come…

Books: Healing Poems for Positive Love, Parousia Love’s Light, and Parousia Book of Life are all available from

Coming soon: Parousia Armageddon in Poetry exploring the causes of stress, hurt, and pain for healing.  #Loveisnotacortisol #Timetoendallabuse