Emme Sajady

Life Coach. Expert in human transformation @ Life Coach. Expert in human transformation

Emme Sajady is an expert in human transformation. She adjusts your frequencies to allow you to become in sync with who you truly are at your core level. Her methods allow you to see yourself and your life in a completely new light. She breaks through everything burdening you and is able to give you a higher point of view that helps you shift.

Emme realized her abilities to help people shift after her near-death experience. She came back able to see life at a much deeper level, seeing what influences the way we act, feel, and perceive. She is able to sense how things are meant to fit together and how to build the bridge over what burdens you. 

Her abilities work in the sense of support. She holds a higher space for you that allows you to untangle yourself, and fill the gaps in with love. If you think of a DNA molecule with a few of the pieces missing, her energy comes in to fill them in for you. Emme sees what you are currently going through, and how to get you to a point of pure love for yourself and your life. She opens that sense of abundance within you and helps you realize what you need to do for yourself in order to feel fulfilled.

Emme helps you transform yourself in order to transform your life. She shows you how to handle yourself in order for you to come to those deeper realizations and move forward. When we create love and peace within, we create love and peace in our lives.