Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

@ Specialist in Stem Cells for Biological Age Reversal, Biophysics, and Vibrational Codes for Enhanced Awareness

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys is a graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical School and completed Internal Medicine and Pulmonary and Intensive Care training at Georgetown University Hospital. He has become a world leader in biophysics, creating and patenting a revolutionary laser technology. Applied to agro nutrients, yield increases may be tripled, while nutrient densities may be increased up to 5-fold.

This produces much greater yields of highly nutrient-dense health-promoting food to nourish the world. Laser activation of water alone may increase crop yields by 40%.

In regenerative medicine, Dr. Todd has developed a method of laser activation and guidance of a powerful newborn caliber stem cell that can turn back the aging clock of every tissue in the body. This method has reversed biological age at the DNA level more than any other method in history. He also composes and produces choirs and symphonies that regenerate the body and enhance awareness.

A Harvard and Oxford University study estimated the global value of turning back the aging clock one year to be $100 trillion. A 7-year reversal of age is felt to reduce all diseases by 50%. This method has already shown 12-15 year biological age reversals and the limit has yet to be seen. This achievement may transform the human potential to undreamed new heights.