Dr. Simi Ahuja

Founder | Medical Intuitive | Holistic Health Coach @ Mind-Body Medicine | Medical Intuitive | Holistic Health Coach

I, Dr. Simi Ahuja, am here to presence love as an expression of the divine feminine. It’s in the embodiment of the divine feminine that we can experience love in its fullest form and understand its varying expressions. Love is not just kind and caring, but fierce and daring. I began unlocking its fullest expression only when I began to love myself. For Love cannot be defined with words. It takes our all-in receptivity to emerge.

The biggest block that I experienced in self-love was from trauma related to early childhood sexual abuse and partial clitorectomy which was performed to discourage my sexuality. Cognitive dissonance resulting from disassociation left me with mental constructs and karmic loops that reminded me of my inadequacies day in and day out. I longed for the fullness of self-love. 

Sexual trauma permeates our souls, splits our minds, and weaves a web of self-loathing that blocks self-love. Practices such as breathwork, emotional release, sacred sensuality, and spiritual development led to the discovery of my multidimensionality of human beingness. I realized God-consciousness.

It’s through breaking the karmic loops, breaking mind patterning, and integrating the heart with the mind that I learned to love myself. It was only when I began to love myself that I was able to walk as love embodied. It’s a journey that begins and ends with Love if we dare to surrender to Love’s call.

Dr. Simi is a Mind-Body Medicine practitioner board certified in Family Medicine, Holistic Health Coach, trained in Functional Medicine, and a Medical Intuitive.