Chad Allen

@ Creator of The Chad Allen Method | Founder of the Joyful of Heart Worldwide community

Chad Allen is the creator of The Chad Allen Method and Founder of the Joyful of Heart Worldwide community. A professionally trained dancer for more than 30 years, Chad’s passion for self-expression and joy have been lifelong. In his early 30s, he embarked on a journey to more deeply understand the nature of his body/mind/energy complex, beginning his now 25 years of meditation practice. Along the way, beyond his diverse movement vocabulary has also become a specialist in biofeedback, Psych-K, breath work, meditation, coherence, and healing, both self and others. The Chad Allen Method is now a multi-verse of disciplines, technologies, and techniques, elevated from the central tenant of transformation through self-creation. In aeternum.
In 2019 Chad began hosting monthly Saturday community gatherings to share his joy for meditation and healing in a community setting.  In 2020 these gatherings transformed into a global safe space for learning and healing, meeting every single week, embracing all who desire to explore and experience a myriad of subjects. In 2021, Chad renamed this community Joyful of Heart Worldwide, fulfilling his dharma name given to him by Thich Nhat Hahn in the very earliest days of his meditation practice and in doing so, realized one of his own greatest teachings…time is the vehicle, not the obstacle. Joyful of Heart Worldwide welcomes all every Saturday
Chad lives grounded in the power of a joyful heart to transform. It is his superpower. And one that he aspires to awaken in others.