Alana Aviel

@ A Heart-Centered Channel | Teacher | Spiritual Guide/Activator

“Dreamporting’s mission is to equip you with the Universal Laws and the keys to navigate reality while empowering you to awaken your True Self to co-create a more beautiful world of freedom and joy.”

Alana Aviel is Daniel’s right-hand Oracle, who leads many of the classes, Q & A’s, and 1-on-1 sessions.

A Heart-Centered Channel, Teacher, and Spiritual Guide/Activator working primarily in the Quantum Realm, following a powerful Near Death Experience, Alana connected to an eternal voice and awoke anew with new abilities and a new mission for her being on the Earth plane.

She weaves a unique history of leading in industries like Advertising, Design, Art, and Business to bring 3rd Dimensional concepts into New Dimensional awareness. While humbly stepping fully into her service as a lead guide and teacher in Dreamporting, she remains committed to empowering those she works with by reconnecting them with their higher selves to assist in the total obliteration of old paradigm patterns and limitations to being. Her classes and sessions are often heralded as “mind-blowing”