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Our BHAG” is that the world joins our 10% MORE LOVE campaign. We want tens, hundreds of thousands of people around the world to join us.

BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

The 10% more love is to become “A tangible campaign for a meaningful event and a very worthy goal and mission.

Can we all together become kinder, do more, share more, create more, care more, LOVE MORE? The Answer is Yes.

What resonates?
10% of your time, sharing love, supporting loved ones and friends..
10% of your time to volunteer, support a great cause
10% of your weekly spend on X goes towards a charity -or cause.
10% of your time implementing something that can help the world.
10% of your day becoming, being Kinder.

What would you commit to?
Will you become part of our BHAG movement?
Be part of a group of people that are committed to creating change, elevating consciousness, to make the world a better place through acts of love and kindness.

Help us, commit, share.

The Love Event video

The Love Event survey

We would love to hear from you and your thoughts ♥

The Love Event Preview

Free Webinar, 2021 September 9th, 10 am PST

The Love Event will be in person, live, and streamed also on The Best You TV

An event to look at the world through the lens of love rather than the lens of fear, to highlight love conversations, give kudos to kind people, and acts of kindness.

Fundamentally to create awareness and educate people around the challenges of the XXIst century.

To be streamed on The Best You TV.

“The Love Event” will take place and intends to connect with people globally and yearly to bring together the biggest minds, the top influencers, leaders, and thinkers to find ways together where we can bring love to the world through kindness and awareness.

Join us With love.

Bernardo Moya
Founder of The Best You

Real conversations about


Conversations and panels around the meaning of kindness


Conversations and panels around the meaning of caring


Conversations and panels around the things we need to create consciousness about


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Starting with the meaning of kindness, acts of kindness, highlighting kind people and how kindness becomes love, creates love.

In this special moment that we are going through, it is important to listen to each other, be gentle, love, and give to those who need it most, to the world and its nature.

A kind word can change someone’s world… More combined kindness will change everyone’s world.

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees”
– Amelia Earhart


To care, to listen, to protect, to be human

Feeling cared about buffers against stress increases positive emotions, promotes resilience, and increases caring for others.

We spend our lives searching for the meaning in life, chasing dreams, wealth, when ultimately, what we all want is love…

“When people care for each other, they always found a way to make it work”
– Nicholas Sparks

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The world has many challenges, let’s create consciousness, let’s educate. Real conversations about injustice, racism, global warming, hunger, depression, our wildlife, plastics.

The importance of creating consciousness about how to take care of the environment, respect others, awareness of all religions matters. All ways of life too.

“Words do two major things: They provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and consciousness”
– Jim Rohn

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