September 2022, 9th, 10th & 11th

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On life’s journey, on our route to do great things, to accumulate material belongings, we lose focus on what’s important; Love.

The world with all its complexities, challenges and uncertainties requires all of us to find more ways to connect, explore what brings us together, empathize with those in need,
to become kinder. To become more conscious.

"As the founder of The Best You, as a promoter of events, as an author, but especially as a man, I feel that love, and discussing love is too much of a private conversation.

We have to find ways for us to become better humans to elevate our consciousness."

That’s the intention of The Love Event.

- Bernardo Moya


60+ Speakers

3 days

+10 panels

Special Guests

Real conversations about


Conversations and panels around the meaning of Kindness.

In this special moment that we are going through, it is important to listen to each other, be gentle, love, and give to those who need it most, to the world and its nature.


Conversations and panels around the meaning of Caring. To care, to listen, to protect, to be human.

We spend our lives searching for the meaning in life, chasing dreams and wealth, when ultimately, what we all want is love.


Conversations and panels around the things we need to create Consciousness about.

The importance of creating consciousness about how to take care of the environment, respect others and awareness of all religions matters. All ways of life too.

The format

virtual and streamed on to the best you tv

the event to raise awareness and funds for ngos

Price Increase In:


Authors, creators, world leaders. Get inspired by their talks, get involved in their cause.